NZ bans offshore oil and gas exploration…

Hardly a move that will cause tremors among the offshore companies of the world, and I don’t think a harbinger of things to come for other places, but I was surprised to see NZ ban offshore oil and gas exploration from today.  But if if you want to understand the NZ pysche behind this seemingly Luddite stance you need to understand this comment:

James Shaw, the New Zealand Green Party’s co-leader and climate change minister, praised the move as “the nuclear-free moment of our generation” – a reference to a 1984 ban on nuclear-armed ships entering New Zealand’s waters.

And if you want to understand that comment there is no finer place to start than David Lange at the Oxford Union in 1985. One of the finest pieces of debating you will ever see, I get goosebumps watching it, and it’s hard to overstate the effect this had on NZers at the time.

Watch the whole video “I can smell the uranium as you lean towards me…”


One of the finest pieces of debating ever. Only 6 minutes so watch it.