UDS and Tiger Subsea… the mystery continues…

The image above is from the Tiger Subsea Services website. I was trying to find their address, switched on to Google Maps satellite, and helpfully noticed their office address, on which they (or their website designer) located their pin, is in the middle of intersection… Which along with explaining why they have no telephone (the desk being in a rather dangerous position that would conflict with an IMCA standard risk assessment) began to explain a lot of other things…

As a general rule, and please don’t take this as investment advice, chartering two of the world’s most advanced DSVs (with a capital value of c. USD 300m)  to a company whose head office is in the middle of an intersection, and doesn’t even have a telephone, is a bad idea. No good will come from this I predict.

Not only do they not have a telephone number but they also don’t appear to be registered as a business in the state of Louisiana (check for yourself: https://coraweb.sos.la.gov/CommercialSearch/CommercialSearch.aspx). Nor in Delaware which is the most logical place to register a business in the US.

I was driven to this because a friend of mine contacted me today to say that if you send an enquiry form regarding the vessels Shel will email back directly. Strange I thought. Another very UDS like quality also popped up on the TSS LinkedIn page:

ESV 301

This company, with no phone and an office in an intersection are building a self-elevating accommodation lift boat! 97m x 43m with a 250t crane! ESV is the nomenclature Ensco use on their jack-ups but they are not listing this unit and I can find no records of this ship anywhere. If someone can point me on the direction of this vessel, if it exists I would be very keen to hear?

I think we all know what is going on here. The audacity of this is astonishing, and coming from Downunder I appreciate this, like Stephen Horvarth’s car, but when all this ends, and the denouement would appear to be rapidly approaching, someone is going to have to work out what to do with these vessels.

8 thoughts on “UDS and Tiger Subsea… the mystery continues…

  1. Interesting post. The project experience on the Tiger website is all about legacy SERS Group projects. Looks like SERS group has offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, and UAE. Anyone know if SERS has any affiliation with UDS?


  2. Well inspector gadget, I find it amazing that you can’t even figure out where the company is registered. BTW they are a private business and will make the address and phone number public information at their choosing not to please you. I actually spoke to one of the owners this morning and clients aren’t having a hard time getting a hold of them so your opinion matters not.


  3. Unlikely. The SERS Singapore office while it has a physical address, is no longer in operation with a significant number of people chasing for unpaid debts. / salaries / un-fulfilled contracts


  4. This most recent article tends to lead me to question whether or not the author has a personal grudge against the owners of UDS. Could this be the driving force for this recent article? The previous article raised valid questions and evoked an exchange of ideas from a few of us in the industry, and to be fair, none of us know how the UDS boats and TSS coming to the GOM will play out. Only time will tell. A pin on a map in the middle of an intersection, while humorous, is certainly not a reason to assume the TSS group is a Ponzi scheme. It seems inspector gadget knows the owners and sound like the oil companies know how to get a hold of them. Early days people, lets see how it goes. A lot of people are hoping they succeed, don’t be such a downer.
    As for you not being able to find their business in either Louisiana or Delaware, there is 46 other lower states. This is very little reason to assume they don’t exist or are a Ponzi scheme.
    Also, you’re going to look pretty silly if they come in as advertised and start performing projects with these two boats. Good on ya for laying it out there though.


    • There are many valid, unanswered questions regarding UDS. I don’t think anyone has an axe to grind.

      I would benefit personally from a healthy subsea sector. But that does not exist at the moment, and the forecast is also gloomy. The actions of UDS and the inexplicable inception of TSS deserve to be scrutinised. These entities do not exist in a vacuum; the wider market will always make comment.

      The Osprey has just been scrapped. There’s an old but capable DSV with a unique reputation in the North Sea. But the market is such that SS7 chose to scrap her. Of course, they almost certainly did not want to sell her to a competitor so the scrapping is also strategic. But it is hardly the hallmark of a DSV market in balance.

      What I don’t understand is this: let’s say you’ve got access to shit loads of capital and you want to build a ship owning subsea contractor with half a dozen boats, why would you build new at this point in history?


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